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Family Resource Center and Health Education

The Hispanic Family Center has had a long history of working with women, children and families. Over our nearly 40 year history we continue to provide support to strengthen families through proven workforce development initiatives and training opportunities, as well as prevention and health education services.

HFC is guided by an adherence to an eco-systemic, client driven and community based approach in our provision of services. It provides services by instituting the view that a consumer asks for help by knocking on any number of social service “doors.” As a result, HFC serves as a “one stop shop” that offers therapeutic, community building and educational programs in a non-stigmatizing environment.

Services available include:
Family Success Centers (Evolution and Evergreen)
HIV Prevention
Nurturing Families
English as a Second Language (ESL) & Civics
Domestic Violence Advocacy and Counseling
Workforce Development
Brothers United

Family Resource Center & Health Education

2850 Federal Street
Camden, New Jersey 08105
Phone: (856) 963-0270
Fax: (856) 338-0875

35-47 S. 29th Street
Camden, New Jersey 08105
Phone: (856) 964-4692
Fax: (856) 963-2663

Woodbury Family Success Center
The Carriage House
21 Delaware Street
Woodbury, New Jersey 08105
Phone: (856) 848-7150
Fax: (856) 848-7152

Program Director:
Jennifer Torres Del Valle