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Family Counseling Clinic

The Hispanic Family Center began with behavioral health as its primary focus. Since its founding nearly 40 years ago, HFC continues to provide these services among many others. We pride ourselves on the fact that we consider each consumer in his/her environment and meet them where they are in terms of readiness for service. Just as every individual functions on multiple levels, e.g., cognitive, emotional, social, personal, HFC believes that success is most assured when services are provided that consider as many of the individual’s needs, strengths and supports as possible. Client choice and readiness is paramount to service provision.

Services available include:
Mental Health
Senior Services
Substance Use Disorder Treatment Services
Substance Abuse Prevention Education
Gender Specific Prevention Programs 


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Family Counseling Clinic
2700 Westfield Avenue
Camden, New Jersey 08105
Phone: (856) 365-7393
Fax: (856) 365-1862

Interim Program Director:
Yocibel Mejia