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Strategic Priorities & Directions 2016-2019


Strategic Directions & Priorities

Program Strategy

HFC will align program offerings to meet changing and emerging community needs while assuring organizational sustainability such that HFC continues to positively impact the people we serve.

· Evaluate program matrix based on current community needs, with particular emphasis on behavioral health services.
· Demonstrate thought leadership on HFC’s populations and services.
· Advocate for funding to meet existing and emerging community need.
· Continue to implement evidence based/best practices for programs.
· Ensure quality outcomes for populations served.

Finance Strategy
HFC will ensure the strongest possible financial systems and infrastructure in order to prepare for and accommodate diversifying revenue streams and billing demands, and to maintain efficient financial workflows and reporting.

· Develop enhanced mechanisms for timely forecasting and analysis of all revenue streams to be used by management for strategic purposes. This includes but is not limited to: fee for service (FFS), cost reimbursed contracts, corporate and foundation grants, etc.
· Enhance asset management and tracking.
· Continue proactive facility enhancements that are fiscally viable to ensure safety and attractiveness.
· Streamline third party billing processes.

Resource Cultivation and Development Strategy
HFC is dedicated to strengthening efforts in resource development, specifically  through corporate and individual fundraising efforts that will allow increased flexibility in organizational and program decisions.

· Engage Board of Directors and Staff in executing annual fundraising plans.
· Research targeted fundraising practices and apply identified approaches.
· Increase volunteer recruitment efforts across programs.
· Enhance cultivation strategies related to donors, prospects and partners.

Leadership Strategy
HFC is committed to enhancing and maintaining a culture of continual learning through increased educational opportunities and incentives for growth in order to improve staff development and career growth. HFC will create a staffing model that supports the organization’s strategic directions & priorities, and goals to expand organizational capacity.

· Recruit qualified, bilingual administration, clinicians and caseworkers.
· Expand employee skill sets.
· Increase employee engagement.

Governance Strategy
HFC’s Board will enhance its diversity as well as its effectiveness in seeking  opportunities to increase funding, visibility, advocacy, and to expand HFC’s network.

· Create ongoing Board and Committee recruitment plans
· Increase Board’s knowledge and skills to be effective advocates and ambassadors.
· Maintain 100% giving by Board.
· Incorporate best practices for governance of each of the above mentioned areas.


Summary Overview: Beginning in January of 2015, Hispanic Family Center of Southern New Jersey, Inc. (HFC) Staff and the Board of Directors commenced in an intensive ten month process to develop meaningful goals and strategies as part of its Strategic Directions & Priorities 2016-2018. The Board of Directors and Staff cordially invite comments from the community, as we hope this will be a dynamic document. The planning process was based on a diverse array of formal and informal work sessions which are detailed below.
• Employee Retreat on 1/16/15 focused on community assessment.
• Board Retreat on 2/19/15 and three subsequent Board of Directors meetings all focused on strategic planning.
• Seven Senior Management Team Meetings focused on strategic planning.

The Strategic Directions & Priorities 2016-2018 was approved by the Board of Directors: October 22, 2015.
• The plan was formally introduced to staff in the Fall 2015.
• The process of implementation of the three-year Strategic Directions & Priorities will commence on January 1, 2016.
• Periodic review and completion of defined strategies will be conducted by the Board of Directors.

Our VISION Statement: The Hispanic Family Center of Southern New Jersey, Inc. (HFC) through its comprehensive programs and services will address the immediate needs (physical, mental, social, economic and political) of the residents of Southern New Jersey, as well as establish itself as an instrument of change and a voice of power for the clients it serves and represents. [Adopted February 1999].

Our MISSION Statement: The mission of Hispanic Family Center of Southern New Jersey, Inc. (HFC) is to provide the community it serves with a broad range of culturally relevant social service and advocacy programs that promote and encourage empowerment and self-sufficiency. [Revised and adopted September 1998]